Fair Trade

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade commerce is a social movement aimed at regulating and achieving better trading conditions and promoting sustainable vocations such as farming and traditional craft-making. Members of the movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards for workers and their communities.

It is a way of buying products that respects the craftspeople and the skill of their craft. It appreciates the creative process and seeks to discover the stories behind, history within and challenges faced by communities. Finally, it respects the environment by using zero-emission and eco-friendly processes, as well as recycling and upcycling materials. In summary, Fair Trade is a lifestyle.

Fair Trade is an opportunity

  • to have a global impact, no matter your location or mobility.
  • to have a direct impact on sustainability both for the environment and within local communities.
  • to learn more about the products you buy, the processes used to create them, and the stories behind the workers who craft them.
  • to participate and contribute fairly and justly to a global economy.
  • to help poor and impoverished communities realize sustainability and ensure the longevity of traditional craft continues to be passed down through future generations.

Benefits of Fair Trade

  1. Provides jobs and income to residents within the local communities
  2. Is a more efficient way of promoting sustainable in-country development than traditional charity and aid
  3. Handmade processes significantly reduce CO2 emissions, which help reduce the impact on global warming
  4. Provides artisans the opportunity to pursue creative outlets and still support their family
  5. Preserves the craft traditions of indigenous artisans and allows communities to maintain their heritage

Global is the New Local

Experience a new way of shopping, sourcing, and purchasing goods. Welcome to fair trade commerce.

About Fair Trade Fashion

Fair Trade Fashion works directly with vendors from all over ASEAN* and India to bring you a wonderfully extensive selection of handmade fair trade products, crafts and gifts. We visit local communities, learn about their creative processes, develop relationships and build trust – all with the goal of helping individuals and their communities achieve sustainability.

Our offerings focus primarily on handmade jewelry and hand bags, but includes limited textiles, garments and home accessories as well.

By utilizing their skills or bringing in a technician and teaching them a vocation we help village artisans obtain a steady source of income outside of drugs, people trade, and tourism which often takes advantage of their vulnerability.

We donate tools and materials to get them started and work hard to keep a steady flow of orders they can depend on. Staying true to the tenets of fair trade, we source the unique and authentic products we offer directly from the highly skilled artisans and workers who craft them.

*ASEAN: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Shane Friedrich

The Rain Tree Foundation

The Rain Tree Foundation is involved in supporting and developing local communities and especially children through:

  • Offering children a safe environment with access to receive a proper education, food and health care
  • Giving people a perspective and hope for their future
  • Utilizing indigenous knowledge to create jobs and regular income
  • Initiate small micro enterprices like manufacturing bamboo, herbal products and several handicrafts
  • Training in basic health care and financial management


TUBe Bags Thailand is a social enterprise whose primary goal is to assist disadvantaged communities and ethnic minorities to create social entrepreneurs and achieve self-sufficiency.

In Thailand, they help the hill tribe women achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. They promote sustainable development by securing these women’s rights and seeking out higher social and environmental standards. Above all, TUBe is dedicated to ensuring Fair Trade practices and principles.

Each of TUBe’s products are handmade by a sewing team made up of hill tribe women from Thailand and Myanmar. The work directly empowers the women who craft the bags, purses and cases and their families by providing them with regular training, a fair income and a sustainable way of living. Throughout the world, women still have less access to medical care, property ownership, credit, training and employment. This is especially true for hill tribe women. TUBe aims to change this reality, one woman at a time.

The bags are made of recycled inner tubes from trucks, bicycles and motorbikes. Rubber is among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and its durability. Normally, used and broken tires are burnt, causing a huge impact in the environment. Repurposing these materials makes a large, positive impact on the environment.

Hill Tribe Women Sewing Team

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